Aug 252014
Terra Cox Gives Blowjob And Pussy Treatment

This hot slut decided it would be a good idea to break up with her boyfriend after she took some sexy pictures with him. Pretty dumb idea, babe! He’s got snaps of you showing off your ass, topless selfies in the mirror and our personal favorites: taking his monster cock in your pussy and loving every second of it.

Oh, and by the way – you look hot as fuck on your knees covered in your ex-boyfriend’s cum. That glorious glaze suits you better than his dick does, that’s for sure! He sure picked one sexy slut to get romantically involved with.

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Aug 232014
Carter Cruise Gets Her Sex Pictures Leaked Online

You can bet your bottom dollar that if you ended up in a relationship with a girl like this, you’d do exactly like this dude did and fuck the shit out of her all while getting the action on your camera phone. Just look at that hot ass and the way she parades it around in sexy nylons.

Let’s not forget the way she naturally gets on her knees like the cock-fiend she is and sucks a big dick for everything it’s worth. She might not regret breaking up with him, but you can sure as hell bet this ex-girlfriend regrets every second of her dirty documented sex sessions.

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Aug 212014
Kelly Diamond Fucking Loves It

Kelly’s one hot slut that had the classic college dream. She studied hard, she got a stud boyfriend and even recorded a sex tape with him. Oh, it might be wise to mention that she also got really drunk at a party and fucked a chick which is why this video is available online! Ex-girlfriends always manage to create the best porn, especially ones that are sporty as fuck and have hot, hard bodies that are begging to be fucked.

Doesn’t Kelly just look like a fucking natural on all fours? She takes a dick better than most girls around and although your relationship didn’t work out, we sure as hell hope you still hit this big cock after breaking up!

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Aug 192014
Marina Angel Old Boyfriend Shares Their Hot Sex Tape

Latina girls probably don’t realize just how important it is to keep your sex videos off the Internet. So many horny dudes are crawling the web, looking for hot blonde bitches from down south that know what’s up when it comes to taking a dick.

Well anyway, Marina here has done a great job at taking cock and giving her boyfriend the ultimate fucking experience. Pity for her that they broke up – now he’s got revenge by sharing what happens when a Latina babe that’s hopelessly in love bounces up and down on a dick.

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Aug 172014
Sexy Girlfriend Rose Black And Amateur Porn Video

When a dude like Rose’s ex-boyfriend gets a camera, you can bet that he’s going to try and record himself fucking with it. That’s just what dudes do, you know? Well anyway, Rose here was more than happy to have her cute little morning sleep-in filmed – trouble is, she’s always hungry for dick, and boy, did she get fucked like the hot barely legal slut she is.

This girl has the works: a great pussy, a love of cock and she even takes topless selfies for guys that she dates. Hopefully you’re doing well Rose: this dude was crazy to ever let you go – that pussy is fucking fantastic!

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Aug 152014
Stud Fuck His Amateur Girlfriend Taylor Whyte And Her Bestie

Do you have any idea how much the dude in this video is living the dream? He’s going to town on that pussy and is making sure he fucks it up beyond all recognition. This girl here is Taylor, and the slut with her? Well let’s just say that that’s Brooklyn, and she ain’t really in the picture.

Yup – you heard it right, Taylor and her boyfriend had a spur of the moment agreement to have a threesome and better yet – it was all recorded for the Internet to see! Not only does this guy get to fuck two hot amateur chicks at the same time, but he then gets to brag about it online by sharing it with an ex-girlfriend revenge porn site.

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Aug 132014
Ex-Girlfriend sunny marie present on camera

Sunny here was all packed and ready to go away on holiday for a few weeks. She loved her boyfriend very much, so as a going away present, she took some hot pictures of herself and sent them to his phone. Well, as you can see, things went one step further and this guy managed to convince the blonde-haired slut to fuck him on camera so that he could enjoy that too.

She agreed, and naturally, he put it online so the whole world can see this hot slut’s pussy getting pounded by a big, fat cock. She loves that dick and Jesus, does it suit her!

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Aug 112014
Beautiful rose red exposed on her boyfriend

Do you know what happens when a good girl that fucks on camera breaks up with her boyfriend? He doesn’t get mad, he gets even. Yeah, that’s right – Rose here only expected him to see these sexy pictures and watch their porn video, but hell hath no fury like a dude that owns an amateur porn video of his ex-girlfriend.

Rose Red knows how to suck a dick, she has a great body and takes it deep in her pussy like an absolute champion. We think that this girl is the hottest ex-GF we’ve seen in quite some time. She also knows how to suck a mean dick.

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Aug 092014
Big tits moxxy minx wants sex in the car

Be honest: what would you do if this cutie jumped over to your side of the car and decided she was going to fuck you there and then? Hopefully you’d do what this intelligent stud did and whip your camera out! She’s as amateur as they come but boy, does she come! This girl will do absolutely anything to put a smile on the face of her lover.

This is some super seedy sex that ends up with her outside, completely naked and covered in her boyfriend’s hot cum. Oh, and the fact this was shared online just makes the whole ex-girlfriend porn fantasy that much more enjoyable!

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Aug 072014
Beautiful lucy tyler takes cumshot on her ass

Lucy Tyler, also known as Lucky Lucy, is that perfect girl next door that so many men wish they got to get their hands on during college. This big-dicked stud actually had his camera out to record his new apartment, but Lucky Lucy just got home and she was more than ready to get down and dirty on camera.

She fucked, she sucked, she pounced and she bounced. Pretty much everything you could want from an ex-girlfriend video – this scene has it. We’re a bit upset you lost some premium pussy, dude, but to be fair? We wouldn’t have this video if you two were still going at it. Revenge is fucking sweet!

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